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Advertising Rates


We offer reasonable advertising rates to all qualified Ipswich based businesses.  Please see our Advertising Policy for information regarding our definition of a "qualified business".


Ipswich Business Data Base


Inclusion of your business, other than a link to your web site, in our data base is free.  To include a link to your web site in our data base, we charge a service fee of $10.00 per year.


For a free listing of your business in our data base, please email us your business information.  For a paid listing with a link to your web site, please mail us your business information and send a check for $10.00 to the address at the bottom of the page.


Featured Business Advertising


Rates for advertisements on our Featured Business page are as follows:

$30.00 - 6 months (minimum commitment)

$50.00 - 1 year

Free setup and minor changes

Free link to your web site in our Business Data Base

Space allocated for your advertisement is approximately 640 x 185 pixels, see our Featured Business Page for examples.  You provide us with your business information, description and business logo in a gif or jpg format.


If you are interested in advertising with us, please email us your business information, as described above, and send us a check for the appropriate amount at the address below.


Note: Businesses are placed in alphabetical order in our Business Data Base and Featured Business Page.


Full Page Advertisements


Contact us if you are interested in a Full page advertisement.


We do not include any email addresses in our Business Data Base. Email addresses can be harvested from web sites by "bots" and used to send you spam email.  If you wish to have your email address included in your Featured Business advertisement, then you do so at your own risk.


Our Address:


I Love Ipswich

Attn: Andrew Agapow

6 Burleigh Ave.

Ipswich, MA  01938


Please make checks payable to:  AA Computer Resources.com


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