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The I Love Ipswich Web Site is dedicated to all the people who live, work, own businesses, shop, visit and vacation in Ipswich. Our objective is to promote the Town of Ipswich and all it has to offer - its hidden treasures and the business community. 


Advertising on this web site is limited to the Ipswich Business Community. Businesses must have a physical  location within the Town of Ipswich from which they operate their business.  Businesses that have set up Ipswich phone numbers and P.O. Boxes, but are physically located outside of Ipswich, are not qualified to advertise on this site. They are also excluded from the Business Data Base.


Advertising and inclusion in the Business Data Base is open to all businesses located in Ipswich, including home based businesses and non-profit organizations.


To qualify for inclusion in the Business Data Base or to purchase advertising, a business or organization must provide us with the location from which they operate.  A business must also have a valid Business Certificate issued by the Ipswich Town Clerk. If a qualified business does not wish to have the address of their location disclosed in our Data Base or in their advertisement, we will abide by that request and keep the information confidential. .  A business run from a home location, such as a mail order or internet type of business, may wish not to disclose their home address.


Please contact us if you have any questions or need clarification of our Advertising Policy.


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