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Dog Owners, PLEASE........

(Posted 08-30-2013)

It has been brought to my attention that some folks who own dogs and live close to kids playgrounds are NOT always picking up after their pets. It is necessary and important to remove your dog's waste from these areas. How can I help you get a dog park if people are leaving their pet's waste behind!?


Our kids, who play there, could possibly become very sick from the bacteria that the waste is loaded with! Please, to all those folks who walk their dogs not only in playground areas, but anywhere,  please pick after your dog. If I catch you, I will write you a $50 fine.


To all those who are responsible and do pick up, would you all be willing to carry an extra bag to give to someone who may not have one? You may also give me names and addresses, anonymously, so that I can speak to those folks who aren't willing to pick up.   Thank you.


Matt Antczak 978-356-6652...or  animalcontrol@ipswichpolice.org

Reminder for Dog Owners

(Posted 02-08-2013)

There are new laws in effect this year pertaining to your dog. One of the biggest is getting your dog licensed before March 31, 2013. The fine for unlicensed dogs has gone up from $25 per day to $50 per day.  Yes! That is per day also known as per offense for each day your dog is unlicensed. The State says it is an individual offense, so those fines will add up and none of us need that type of headache for a $12 license fee. So please remember to do it!!!!


(Posted 06-18-2012)

Due to the latest dognapping incidents in Topsfield and Essex, I am asking folks to be more cautious with their pets. Do not let them run off leash and I would strongly advise getting your dog MICRO-CHIPPED. Both these incidents involved golden retrievers; however, any dog can be taken, especially the younger, intact, full breed. If you see anything, call the Police Dept immediately.

Remember - Your dog’s license should be attached to the collar of your dog, this helps us Identify your dog quicker. But, say they take the collar off, well this is why I recommend getting all pets micro-chipped. Remember that the chip alone doesn’t do anything, you must register the chip with the company’s database in order to make a quick and easy recovery.

Thank you and keep our pets safe!!  Matt Antczak Animal control


Attention New Residents

(Posted 11-30-2011)

I have received complaints about new residents coming into town and not following the dog laws.  So to help keep the peace in all of our neighborhoods, I would like to remind ALL dog owners of our laws pertaining to our fury best friends.

Dog License: All dogs must be licensed; $25.00/Day fine for violation.


Leash law: All dogs must be on a leash when on public property; $25.00 fine for violation.

Barking dog: A person's right to peace and quiet; $25.00 for violation (no time limit on barking).

Poop Scoop: Clean up after your dog, you must have a means of removal (plastic bag),  and you cannot put it into anyone's but your own trash.... I am very strict in enforcing this law!!   $50.00 fine for violation.

Keep your dog in your Yard:  Loose dog Pick-Up Fee is $50.00.


No Dogs on the Beach (summer months): $25.00 fine for violation.

If you have any questions please contact my office at 978-356-6652. Thanks. Matt Antczak Ipswich Animal Control Officer.


"Baby Harp Seal"

(Posted 04-30-2011)

Many people have called me about this youngster hanging out at Clark beach. As always and as a precautionary measure, I forwarded this picture to the New England Aquarium and asked for them to come up and make double sure that it is O.K.. It is!!! Just a baby born a little early in the season hanging out in a safe harbor, and if people looked out with binoculars, they would see the mother and others hanging out at the pindle rocks off Plum Island.




"Lucky Towns"

(Posted 06-18-2010)

Ipswich and Topsfield are "Lucky Towns". I'm not saying that the other towns around us aren't, by any means. It's just that I am fortunate enough to work with our Police Department and had assisted Topsfield the other day on an unfortunate situation. Ipswich Dispatch had received a call Wednesday afternoon from a motorist who ran out of gas on Rt. 1 south, just behind an injured baby doe. The motorist thought she was still in Ipswich but in fact was well into Topsfield. I found the place where 2 Topsfield officers were helping with traffic and keeping an eye on the baby deer. I stopped to see if they needed some assistance stating that I too had received the call. They looked at me then nodded to the baby deer and said that they could not put down one that young where the injury did not appear to be too bad. I thought to myself "great now I have to do it." Then they said they had made some calls and were waiting for a call back to see if there was a place to bring it for medical assistance. Inside to myself I am saying, "these two officers are awesome for that", for not many people would take that extra step and go out of their way to help out wildlife that others feel are a nuisance animal, especially in a State where helping wildlife for the most part is illegal to most vets. They were able to find someone who could bring it to Tufts, which was soon done and though the outcome was not what we had all hoped for, the effort and Humanity was indeed excellent! So I want to thank those 2 Officers, Sergeant Richard LaBelle, and Officer John Barry. Also, the Ipswich Police who help me at all times of day and night with animal calls that I need assistance with, like dogs who get hit by cars, and Joe Perna for Tuesday night. Thanks guys!!

Disturbing News

(Posted 06-13-2010)

I had been away in China visiting my new in-laws for the last month only to return to very upsetting reports. The worst being the incident in which a group of cyclists would not stop or assist people in trying to contain a loose dog in the road. Instead, in their pursuit of going forward, they forced the dog into traffic where it was struck and killed by a vehicle. My question to these cyclists is "Do you just step on humans in the same manner, if something gets in your way and destroy it?" "Do you not have any patience, or compassion?" We saw the answer to these questions with your actions and I feel as bad for you as I do for the dog and the dog's owners. If you choose to live your life in that manner, I have pity for you.

The other reports were of 3 other cases of dogs getting struck by cars. I checked to see if they were on stormy days, they weren't. I was actually told by a person who knew one of the owners that they let the dog run off leash because I was out of town. Lesson learned?

I know dogs get loose from time to time, and unfortunately this is often the end result, but maybe you could try to be more cautious, take an extra minute to make sure your dog is tied up properly when put out. And PLEASE, thank the neighbor who grabs hold of your loose dog and holds on to it until you get home or gives me a call, if they can't, it could be worse.

I have also received many complaints of dogs and their mess on Pavilion Beach. I WILL be giving citations to those who have dogs on Pavilion Beach, anytime of day or night, and at high tide or low. There are NO dogs allowed on Pavilion Beach until after Labor Day. I may push the Town Government to ban dogs from that beach altogether for there are MANY irresponsible owners not cleaning up after their dogs, and not enough help from the responsible ones to speak up to those they see offending.


PEEP.... PEEP.... PEEP....

(Posted 04-03-2010)

It is that time of the year, again and maybe a bit early with all the rain, that the peepers are coming out to make that annual trip to the vernal pools, lakes and ponds  to lay their eggs. SO PLEASE SLOW DOWN ON THE ROADS!! DON’T SQUISH THE TOADS!!, or Frogs or Salamanders that are trying to hop across the road.


Most people don’t understand the importance of these amphibians. They tell us about the health of our environment through their quantities in number. Since they absorb so much through their skin, any toxins in the environment can kill them, which basically tells us if we are polluting our area. So to all kids and adults, go out and enjoy “BIG NIGHT” with a reason, that the air is clean and so is the water.

Dog Owners - Spring into Action!

(Posted 04-01-2010)


I need all dog owners who want a dog park to step forward and help me with the work and process!!

As many of you know I have been trying to get a dog park established in Ipswich for a few years now, and finally it may happen!!  We may have a place at Bailek Park in the old unused tennis courts area.


I need volunteers! I need dog owners to BARK – SPEAK up and be heard that yes this is what you want. I need people to front a fund raiser and others to grease their elbows and get dirty when it comes time to create it. I will need people to help monitor and help keep it clean. Please, if interested, call my office, leave me your name, number and what it is you’d be able to assist us with.     978-356-6652


I Want Your Kittens

(Posted 03-20-2010)


Kitten season has started. I am asking the public to bring any unwanted kitten or litter to the shelter instead of just giving them away. The reason is that we can get them their shots, vet checked and spayed or neutered cheaper than the people that you’d be giving them to. We would have them fixed so as to prevent any more unwanted litters (see my last posting, below). So PLEASE think of us when your cat is having a litter of kittens and you don’t know what to do. We won’t ask why or anything of the sort, promise, we just want to help cat owners to be responsible. The Animal Shelter is located at the end of Fowler's Lane which is off of Town Farm Road. If you have any questions, please call my office at 978-356-6652.   Thank you.


Spring is Upon Us

(Posted 03-13-2010)


We are in the season of spring. Days are getting longer and days are getting warmer. We bring our dogs out for walks, but open the doors for our cats to go out.  WAIT!!!  Please!!  Before you open the door to let the cat out, please get it spayed or neutered. Too many cats that get out unaltered end up having litters that are unwanted or that have been born hidden from us, which in turn can cause feral cat colonies.

This is the mating season for many animals both domestic and wild. You may let your cat out and it becomes some other animal's lunch. As wildlife is coming out of hibernation, pregnant, and hungry, they are not looking for pickles or ice cream, they want a meal that will fill them up. So be watchful of your small pets, please.

Easter is coming up and many children like to get little soft fuzzy adorable big eared rabbits in their baskets. Some kids get baby chickens or ducks. These are cute, I mean really adorable when they are young and fuzzy, but when they grow up out of their down and into their adult feathers they are not as much fun to be with. So I am asking the parents who are looking for something besides chocolate and the yellow marshmallow chicks, to maybe find something other than a live bunny or chick. I have seen the forgotten rabbit in the rabbit hutch out back that went 2 weeks with out food or water. And is that really a fun pet when it is stuck in a cage out back with very little human contact?

As you can see, I have written 3 articles and put them together as one. They are important to me, and I hope you as well.


Sick Raccoons

(Posted 03-02-2010)

I have received many calls lately for “SICK RACCOONS” just because they are out during the daytime hours. "It’s sick because it is a nocturnal animal!!", I often hear. Well to tell you the truth, they are NOT true nocturnal animals. Beside the bat, the opossum is the only true nocturnal animal in our area. Raccoons, skunks, fox, and coyote all come out during daylight hours. Especially this time of the year when they are coming out of hibernation and also in the fall getting ready for their long winter's sleep, HOWEVER, these animals do PREFER dusk to dawn when the human population is not as busy. Even though we have not had a positive test for rabies in Ipswich for many years, I still want people to call if they feel the animal is sick. I have been trained in classes to help determine if the animal is healthy or sick. I will be asking you questions on its behavior, so please help me by keeping an eye on it (if possible) until I arrive. We do have other diseases that these animals can be affected by and most are not contagious to humans but are to our pets. So give me a call at 978-356-6652 or after hours through the police department at 978-356-4343 if you have any questions or are concerned about an animal.

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